Read what goes on Behind the Scenes

As we mention during our free consultations The Bathroom Workshop takes pride in doing the best possible job by using the best possible materials to ensure your bathroom is as luxurious under the surface as it is on the outside. We aim to create perfection in every aspect of your bathroom whether that be using the best quality adhesive and grout from the most reputable companies such as Mapei and X7 or installing the most silent lowest Decibel extractor fans so you can enjoy your Bath without any annoying disturbances. Our absolute confidence in our professionalism is reflected by our 36 month warrantee.

A lot goes on “behind the scenes” which sets us aside from the competition but which can unfortunately go unnoticed from time to time as clients overlook the fact that other companies do not go that extra mile. At The Bathroom Workshop we believe that luxury bathrooms are created just as much by the expensive brands and items you can buy to decorate your Bathroom, as it is by the small subtle differences that lie beneath. This is why we created this blog, in order to demonstrate to our clients that our prices match our standards, and to inform our clients of just how we do NOT cut corners, by highlighting the effort that goes into your Bathroom installation.

Read below to see just how we create your perfect bathroom, and what goes on behind the scenes.

Wet Room installations have become more and more popular over the last 15 years, with homeowners keen to increase the value of their homes by fitting showers in the smallest of spaces, including chimney breasts and even behind wardrobes! (See photos) which we at the Bathroom Workshop have had much experience installing. To most, wet room installations at first sound extremely appealing. Most are attracted by the freedom of showering in a completely water tight
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